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Paul Whitrod was qualified in Hangzhou University China in 1995 in Hsing Yi, Ba Gua, Shaolin and Qi Gong skill by Professor Ji Jian Cheng. As part of the health and Martial Arts benefits he has lessons and ongoing courses on these arts.
Hsing Yi is the 12 animal and 5 elements Sun Lu Tang system and as well as Ba Gua swimming dragons

 Tai Chi Chuan meaning Great ultimate fist. We teach two forms the 24 step, which is bout 5 minutes long and the 108 step which can last anything up to 20 to 30 minutes in one session, once you have learned the complete pattern.

An example of our Qi Gong course is a 1000 year old exercise known as Baat Duan Jin, meaning 8 Brocades or 8 peices of silk. Thus it improves ones health, with each one of the 8 exercises has a benefical effect over an internal organ of the body leading to long life and healthly body. These set of 8 exercise came to be known as the 8 immortal exercises.
Baat Duan Jin Course
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Medicine Ettiquette
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Massage Skills(Tui Na)
Interested in Learning 8 Brocades? Our next course is Sunday June 13th at 11am to 2pm. Cost Only 70.To registra click icon below
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