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Dit Dar Medicine, what does Dit Dar mean?
There are over some 150 main herbs used in Dit Dar treatments. and some 50 lesser known herbs. All formulas are totally Vegetarian, No Animal products are used. and any animal part that was once in the formula has been taken out. there is no need for animal parts. There are some 100 different formulas used in the Dit Dar medicine that has been handed down to me from the Yip family and was imparted to them from the preivous masters dating back to the Shaolin. These include a wide range of creams, liniments, oils, poultices, pills, powders, moxa and so on.
These secret recipes have the effect to heal injuries, broken bones internal injuries etc much quicker, thus aiding recovery to live the life that you previously had before the complaint.
What is dit dar medicine? Dit dar treatment and medicine is similar to that of Chiropractic. And is one of the biggest forms treatments in places such as Hong Kong as is primary health care (a primary health cares professional being one that carries out both diagnosis and treatment). Dit da practitioners bring relief to thousands of people who would otherwise suffer prolonged pain through accident, illness etc. The main focus of dit dar is the relationship between the function of joints, muscles and the nervous system (neuromusculoskeletal disorders) and the effects of these disorders on health. The spine is of central importance.
The principal treatment is joint adjustment or manipulation. Management also includes rehabilitative exercises, patient education and lifestyle modification and the use of physical therapies, there is also an emphasis on health promotion and early return to activities for injured patients through age old exercises such as Qi Gong and other body control exercise. The focus on education and patient empowerment is an important factor in the success of dit dar. Dit dar which mean fall & hit in Cantonese is a natural and conservative form of health care, offering an alternative to medication and surgery. We use a high range of natural healing medicines that have been handed down though the succession of masters to Paul Whitrod, giving the best treatment to a particular problem.
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