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Dit Dar Chinese medicine offers a wide range of treatments associated with injury The most commmon forms of problems are seen in everyday life, such as back pain, shoulder, neck problems. etc. The aim is work and cure these injuries as soon as, other erwise they can become stubborn and difficult to treat later on. When an injury occurs. we suggest from a traditional point a veiw is treat as soon as possible. The type of treatment needed depends on its present situation. we treat the root of the problem and massage is used to improve blood circulation, remove stagnent energy etc. Chinese massage is known as Ong Mor. from the Ong More techniques Tui Na was developed and are used extensivley in Dit Dar called ( Nead and Grasp) meaning Tui na. Lotions such as dit dar jau (fall and hit wine) or Dit Dar Yao (fall & hit oil) are used to help recovery. below a list that you may suffer from

Back pain, Sciatica
Rheumatism, Arthritis
Joint pain or Moving pain
Ankle or Wrist pain
Sports injuries
Stagnant energy due to wrong posture
Internal injury due to being hit or from falling
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